Live Bali as a lifechanging retreat exploring remote secluded places on your own, at your pace and flowing with your desired agenda.

Our campervans can be rented for day(s), weekends or weeks, with flexibility and at your convenience. You can book to drive freely on your own, or we can provide you with unique tours around the island, even combining with an extension to East Java Island (this last one starting on Spring/Summer 2023). Jumping to other islands around Bali is not permitted in our rental terms.
Here you have your choice of proposed rental options:

We understand that you can fall in love with Bali as soon as you immerse yourself in the deep experience of exploring and sensing it. Therefore, we offer you the option of extending your stay with additional hours/days. Just please be considerate about the next one after you regarding the availability of the vehicle and be on time as much as possible in the scheduled return.

You can count also in special catering and amenities according to your requirements. We provide basic amenities to start the trip, such as mineral water, so that you are covered until you reach the next supermarket or Warung (local restaurant).

Our campervans are designed to provide you a perfect Balinese motorhome experience and are adapted to the Balinese roads. They are roomy and comfortable. With an extra wide and long rear cabin, we can still fit into most of the local roads, so do not expect European/American-like style motorhomes, they do not fit in Bali.

Our campervans are based on the popular Daihatsu Grand Max pick-up chassis, with a spacious customized fiber-glass rear cabin that provides a unique experience for the Balinese ecosystem. Equipped with automatic gear transmission for easy driving, comfortable power steering, dual air conditioning (front and back compressors) and safe ABS brakes, with a retractable roof.

  • Daihatsu Grand Max wheelbase
  • Reliable 1.5L Petrol Engine, In-Line 4 Cylinder 16 Valve
  • DOHC with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Automatic transmission (originally designed for the Japanese market)
  • Power Steering
  • AC: Air conditioning (in the main cabin, and in the rear cabin)
  • ABS brakes
  • Adjustable front cabin Seats (2)
  • Heavy duty tires (not off-road)
  • Large customized rear cabin with retractable roof
  • Front Cabin:
    • Phone holder for easy driving driving
    • 1 x 12Vdc lighter plug
    • 1 x dual USB charger (30W dual port USB-C and USB-A) – optional
  • Rear Cabin:
  • Up to six (6+) people driving and two (2) sleeping
  • Sit for two (2) in the driving cabin
  • Sit for 4+ (4 belts) in the main cabin
    • The seats in the main cabin transform into a semi queen size bed (160x180cm)
  • Bed sheets for queen size (W:160cm*L:180cm)
  • Sleeping bag (as a cover 140*180)
  • LED lights (reading and ambient)
  • Sound system
  • Portable USB LED light (three functions: lantern, ambient light, hanging light)
  • Portable USB fan
  • Portable fridge
  • Stove with gas cylinders (butane 250gr, can be bought in ACE Hardware stores)
  • Set of five bowls for eating
  • Cutlery Set of five (spoon, fork and knife)
  • One pot for cooking (1.5l)
  • One pan for frying
  • Set of cooking tools (combination of anti-adherent and bamboo)
  • Water faucet and sink
  • Kitchen rags (2)
  • Kitchen paper (1 roll)
  • Toilet paper (1 roll)
  • Toilet (portable chemical potty) inside the vehicle - optional

Here you have your choice of proposed rental options:

Airport transfer
We do not provide incoming airport transfer to our facilities due to flight delays, immigration, etc. But we can provide with the outcoming airport transfer for a cost of 100.000,- (free of charge if you rented the van for a week or more, or if you are a returning lover of our vans)
Catering: we will provide two free 1.5l bottles of water, additional catering on request

We provide the campervan in clean state, and we expect to get it back as clean as possible. If deep cleaning is needed in the inside or in the outside, fees will apply (IDR 500.000,- for inside, and IDR 200.000,- for outside. Rental deposit can not be returned until full cleaning has been done to allow visual inspection of the vehicle

Toilet cleaning
If you got an optional portable toilet from us, we expect you to return it flushed and cleaned. If our team needs to do this cleaning job we will need to charge IDR 100.000,-

Driving in Bali requires of Indonesian or international driver’s license and we request to be over 27 years old to rent and drive our vehicles. In the case of non-Balinese renters, we will need a copy of passport, visa and return flight.


Enjoy the Experience